About Us

On behalf of Clonakilty Agricultural College I want to thank you for showing interest in our menu of courses and in the facilities available for agricultural training at the College.

The aim of this College is to encourage farm families and their inheritors to engage in agricultural education programmes.

Our objective is to develop young people, and through them to improve the adoption of products, processes and systems to improve farm incomes.

We achieve our objectives through our training programmes which include

  • National Certificate in Agriculture (FETAC)
  • Advanced Certificate in Dairy Herd Management (FETAC)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (HETAC)
  • Range of part-time courses

In carrying out our curriculum our job is to harness the energies of our young people and mould a spirit of competitiveness, enterprise and innovativeness so that they can adopt and manage the ever quickening changes imposed on them. We try to create a vision for our students, to help them seek solutions and not be afraid of the problems associated with them.

The Training Centre is a huge help for the development of the College and its students. The Video-Conferencing Centre is a seat of communication of West Cork with institutions and conferences world wide. The suite of computers help students, farmers, and business people to develop competencies to be better managers.

Finally our recreation area develops a fitness and sense of well being, so important for mental alertness and character development. Our suite of courses now gives a qualification, which enables one to follow a good career in commercial farming, farm management or Agri-business. Ultimately our aim is better farming, better business and better living.