Ideas for Agricultural Essays

Agricultural Essay

Students in the field of agriculture may struggle with finding essay topics and then writing essays on them, particularly as they first begin their courses. While one can buy essays online, topics ideas must be written on ones own.   Although topic ideas will surely be easier to come by as time goes on, a bit of help with getting started can go a long way in inspiring new ideas. Here we will take a look at essay ideas for the three main types of essay.


An informative essay can be an easy beginning for students who are still building their writing confidence. Informative essays simply seek to educate the reader on any given topic, typically without taking a side or promoting a specific agenda or position. For example, an informative essay on Genetically Modified Crops (GMOs) would simply lay out what GMO crops hope to achieve and how they are designed. An informative essay on this topic might give an overview of the case for and against using these crops, but would not itself argue in favor of or against their use. Other topics for informative essays include:

  • The History of Commercial Agriculture
  • How the Dust Bowl Storms Shaped the Future of Commercial Farming
  • How Pesticides Help and Hinder the Future of Farming
  • Vertical Farming – Why the Future of Agriculture is Literally on the Rise


As their name suggests, argumentative essays take a firm stand on a topic and entice the reader to think critically about their own opinions as well as challenge current or conventional thinking. This type of essay is especially popular with those who were ‘born to debate’ and can be fun to write but must be written with diplomacy in mind. Controversial topics can be approached, but any opinion you offer should be backed up with facts and presented in a well written and cohesive manner. Some popular topics for this type of essay include

  • The Link Between GMOs and Declining Health
  • Does Organic Agriculture Increase Class Warfare?
  • Corporate Agriculture – Killing a Way of Life or Changing the Face of Farming?
  • Commercialized Farming and the Loss of Biodiversity

Speculative / Expository

The third type of essay is a mixture of the first two and results in How-To essays as well as speculation on the future based on a current situation. Given the current trends in agriculture, some hot topics for this final type of essay are

  • How GMOs Might Affect Future Populations
  • The Future of Grass Roots Farming Initiatives
  • Old School Techniques vs Cutting Edge Research – Which Style of Farming is Actually More Sustainable?